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Anhui Huihua Environmental Protection Technology Company Ltd., a new enterprise founded on raw Tainchang City Lyuisland Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., has developed into a certain scale special supplier of RO medicine and equipments. The company owns advanced products, technology and service in China and international market, specially manufactures and subpacks RO medicine (Antiscalant, Cleaner, Biocide, Flocculant ) against to various water environment in China. The RO special medicine with Chinese feature may protect system accurately for its cheap running and management cost. And more, the company supplies import and domestic water quality stabilizer, water treatment equipment, accessory and completed water equipment.

   Anhui Huihua Environmental Protection Technology Company Ltd., owns advanced technology and experience of anti-infiltration membranes cleaning. The RO medicine analyzer may diagnosis various polluted RO membranes for optioning a best cleaning method and medicine to clean the RO system in order to renew its function. We may offer following service based on consumer file, and assume the usage feature of consumer’s operation system for a long period to keep the best benefit.

   Our technology and products are applicable to electric power, fertilizer, petroleum, paper, food, electronics, medicine, dyeing and other industries and wined well evaluation from all users.

   Anhui Huihua Environmental Protection Technology Company Ltd. has gained ISO9001.2008 quality system certificate and obeys always the sprit and policy of “Honest, Innovation & Development” and “Out-and-out satisfaction from consumers”. Thus, our management and whole diathesis have reached to a higher level.